Kamis, 24 Mei 2012


What makes this world so beautiful and colorful ? 
Surely some of us would answer "female" ah, not women but "woman". 
Imagine if there was a woman, what would the world be like ? 
Women are the most amazing creature that ever existed, since prowess even the weakest woman can conquer even the most wealthy man, the greatest, most powerful even though most cruelly with just one smile. Because despite all his physical weakness, tenderness behind-spoken, a woman is capable of calling on the power that is able to rekindle the spirit.  And moreover the doubt of a woman? 

     In this modern era, women can be whatever the want with this equality. Women exist in all professions to sit parallel to or even superior to men. But there's a lot more pride than with it all. Women will never forget his nature as a mom, she is the greatest woman who ever lived. A mother can do anything and sacrifice even his life, seeing the children grow up happy. A mother is responsible for the growth and development of her children, MOM is the protector, teacher, friend and one of the most dependable. A good woman is behind the success of a "man", but the great Mother is the key to the future success of a child. 

  women are the lanterns, lights in the family, a lamp that fosters hope for all. How proud to be a woman who has become a mother and see her son grow up to be great. She always gave a sincere, always pray for happiness for his son. Expectations of a mother is so simple just want their children deserve to live happy and devout in the religion. 
How proud we are to be women.
            What would this world without women? Dismal? Boring? If it is still lacking, I could add the word monotony, rigid, massif. Thanks to the girls, the designers have no way to show off their collections, diamonds and gold, which is contained in the earth so is pointless. Thanks to the women, the men got someone to proud and championed, had no reason to leave early to the Office, sending a short message and call, or buy a sebuket roses. Thanks to the girls, the musicians have always had the inspiration to make a song, Leonardo Da Vinci had painted the Mona Lisa. Thanks to the women, the countries have a leader, the independence of the country we can win. 

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