Rabu, 30 Mei 2012


 Who does not know the Ragunan Zoo. Recreation park located in South Jakarta area, is the only garden tourist most visited each school holidays. To enter a Zoo, the price is very affordable. So it can be accessed and enjoyed by all walks of life. Entrance fee for adults is Rp 4,500, while for children (3-12 years) is Rp. 3,500 for that I and my family decided to walk to Ragunan also its dekar and the price is also reasonable. Sunday is a day that is best suited for fun because the family was gathered The situation around the ticket counters and entrance Ragunan Zoo of course. Not only visitors who crowded the area, but many traders are children's toys, mats (thin), and artisan present images enliven the atmosphere. A place that we most want to visit is to the center of schmutzer primate. There we want to see a gorilla. Admission to the center of the Primate Schmutzer is Rp. 5000, applies equally to adults and children. Enclosure for Gorillas is extensive even though Gorillas are visible just a few tails only.

After walking around the center of primate schmutzer Finally you continue our walk to where the captive deer which is located next to the cage the elephant. There we sit around while eating and removing the tired after a day of berjala roads. There we saw lots of deer. When you're done eating and seeing the deer finally we settled on our roads at ragunan Zoo. We hope to be around again to ragunan someday later


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