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the origins of the bag

The bag has become integral to the fashion and fashion (clothing). Most people who are fond of the dress fit mode, always include the bag in appearance. In fact, the various types/models of bags we know today came from hand luggage (handbag) that is often used by people at the time. But the new bag famous roughly after the second world war, where there are a lot of ads in magazines to introduce bag with various models and styles. The existence of such advertisements, bags became popular. The early history Of The bags in the world at that moment, handbag made still comes from the simple materials such as vinyl, cloth, leather and synthetic. To keep the skin material deficiencies, then more than 60% of the materials used are imitations or knockoffs. If the original material is no longer available, leather leather imitation could be another alternative. In addition to the bag of ingredients, thick paper has also been used in the manufacture of the bag. This can be seen from the lives of Chinese people in the Tang dynasty, the regular use of paper bags (paperbag) for storing tea or take and store other items. In addition to the paper bags used by the Chinese in ancient times, the bag was first known by the world community as a wrapper to the bread. Ago bag made of plastic materials began to circulate in the market more than 25 to 35 percent. Along with the development of the times, he was introduced to the supermarket plastic as an alternative replacement paper bags. Since ancient times, the bag has become integral to the fashion and fashion (clothing). Most people who are fond of the dress fit mode, always include the bag in appearance. In fact, the various types/models of bags we know today came from hand luggage (handbag) that is often used by people at the time.One of the objects of fashion that could never get away from the woman's purse. Objects this one did not escape from the rush of the women, and when it's put it this way, it looks like the price is not to be one problem that means again. Proved with a collection bag of brand-brand is famous for its exorbitant prices, still best-selling sweet invaded his fans. And more interestingly, the bag can also be a symbol of the social status of a person. Both men and women. But, have you ever thought about the origins of a handbag or better known by the term asingnya that handbag? Handbag has become the important objects in everyday life, this started since people have had valuable objects should always be carried wherever you are. The first explanation about this in the 14th century, although in the writings of ancient Egypt mentioned that the people of that age has put Egypt bag waist wherever they go. Waist bag is also used as a belt to wear very tight at the waist. Embroidery and jewelry that is contained in a bag, will indicate the social status of the wearer, as it shows the difficulty of the manufacturing process of these bags. In the 16th century, handbag created more practical for everyday use. Materialnya made of leather with Snap Fastener on it. During this time, traveling bag made with a larger shape and was used by the travelers in a way brought him in a position diagonally across the body. Whereas in the 17th century, its development has been more varied, to the men and women who will carry small bags are fashionable with an increasingly diverse range of models at every turn. The young lady started making embroidery-embroidery, which is also desperately needed when they married, the more the results of handicrafts are very beautiful and unique which was applied to the bag.

Story Cinderella

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Cinderella. She lived with her step mother and two step sisters.
The step mother and sisters were conceited and bad tempered. They treated Cinderella very badly. Her step mother made Cinderella do the hardest works in the house; such as scrubbing the floor, cleaning the pot and pan and preparing the food for the family. The two step sisters, on the other hand, did not work about the house. Their mother gave them many handsome dresses to wear.
One day, the two step sister received an invitation to the ball that the king’s son was going to give at the palace. They were excited about this and spent so much time choosing the dresses they would wear. At last, the day of the ball came, and away went the sisters to it. Cinderella could not help crying after they had left.
“Why are crying, Cinderella?” a voice asked. She looked up and saw her fairy godmother standing beside her, “because I want so much to go to the ball” said Cinderella. “Well” said the godmother,”you’ve been such a cheerful, hardworking, uncomplaining girl that I am going to see that you do go to the ball”.
Magically, the fairy godmother changed a pumpkin into a fine coach and mice into a coachman and two footmen. Her godmother tapped Cinderella’s raged dress with her wand, and it became a beautiful ball gown. Then she gave her a pair of pretty glass slippers. “Now, Cinderella”, she said; “You must leave before midnight”. Then away she drove in her beautiful coach.
Cinderella was having a wonderfully good time. She danced again and again with the king’s son. Suddenly the clock began to strike twelve, she ran toward the door as quickly as she could. In her hurry, one of her glass slipper was left behind.
A few days later, the king’ son proclaimed that he would marry the girl whose feet fitted the glass slipper. Her step sisters tried on the slipper but it was too small for them, no matter how hard they squeezed their toes into it. In the end, the king’s page let Cinderella try on the slipper. She stuck out her foot and the page slipped the slipper on. It fitted perfectly.
Finally, she was driven to the palace. The king’s son was overjoyed to see her again. They were married and live happily ever after.

The Meaning Of Perfection

A man who is very handsome and perfect feel that God must have created a woman wrote a very lovely and perfect also for his soul mate. Therefore he went around to find his soul mate. Then he went with expression in the village. He met a farmer who has 3 daughters and everything is very pretty. These men met the father of farmers and said that he wanted one of her son marrying but confused; which one is most perfect.
The farmer's advocate for dating them one by one and the Men agree. The first day he went out with my first child. When he returned home, he said to the father of the father of the first child Farm has one small flaw, namely his left big toe is smaller than my thumb right

The next day he went with child the second home and when he said the second son father also have a disability that actually very smallwhich is somewhat cross-eyed

He ended up with the third child. Once home he happily went to farmers and said, this is what I was looking for. She is absolutely perfect. Then married man with a child is the third Farmer. Nine months later the Wife gave birth. with great vision, the Men witnessed the birth of her first child. When the child was born, he was so shocked and disappointed that his son is very ugly. He met with Mr. farmer and asked why can happen like this child's father Mr. beautiful and my handsome, Why can my child ugly? The farmer replied, He has one little flaw of the invisible. At that time he was already pregnant firs

Sometimes when we search for perfection, which we can then disappointment. But when we are ready with the deficiencies, then everything will feel special.

Blueberry Cheese cake

Cheesecake is a decadent, delicious dessert. Smooth and creamy, it is the tastiest and most elegant way to end a meal. It's no wonder people have been perfecting the cheesecake recipe since early Roman times. Different recipes call for different ingredients. Most cheesecake recipes use cream cheese, but quite a few also have ricotta cheese or cottage cheese as the main ingredient and are equally delicious. 

Blueberry Cheese cake


1/4 cup butter, melted
1 1/2 cup vanilla wafer crumbs
1/4 cups cold water
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
16 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 teaspoon grated lemon peel
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
7 oz. (1 jar) marshmallow creme
2 cups blueberries, frozen or fresh
3 cups frozen whipped topping (thawed)
Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe Directions:
1. Combine crumbs and butter, press onto bottom of 9-inch springform pan. Chill.
2. Soften gelatin in water, stir over low heat until dissolved. Gradually add the gelatin to cream cheese, mixing at medium speed on electric mixer until well blended. Blend in lemon juice and lemon peel.
3. Add the marshmallow creme, mix well. Fold in whipped topping.
4. Puree the blueberries then fold into cream cheese mixture. Chill until firm.


I know, “Without friends, the world is but wilderness.”
A wasteland we could be trapped in the loneliness
As if, buried and wrapped in the darkness
No one wants it, no man couldn't bear it

I say, "I will not pretend"
My faithful friend is a real true friend
My medicine of life I can’t spend
That will, forever, never end

He said, “False friends is like our shadow,
Keeping close in the bright sunshine
Leaving in the dark shade.”
But, you, my best friend, are not

People always walk in and out my life
But you leave footprints in my heart
Though you’re rather silly and never smart

My friend, you’re really precious and rare!!!

My true friends always see the truth
And all the pain of mine
Even I am fooling everyone
Everywhere and every time
To all my best and true friend of mine
When everyone hears what I say
When ordinary friends listen to what I say
Only you, who listen to what I don’t say

A true friend is my sibling 
God might forget to give me!!
My true friend, you're really precious and rare!!!

Rabu, 30 Mei 2012


 Who does not know the Ragunan Zoo. Recreation park located in South Jakarta area, is the only garden tourist most visited each school holidays. To enter a Zoo, the price is very affordable. So it can be accessed and enjoyed by all walks of life. Entrance fee for adults is Rp 4,500, while for children (3-12 years) is Rp. 3,500 for that I and my family decided to walk to Ragunan also its dekar and the price is also reasonable. Sunday is a day that is best suited for fun because the family was gathered The situation around the ticket counters and entrance Ragunan Zoo of course. Not only visitors who crowded the area, but many traders are children's toys, mats (thin), and artisan present images enliven the atmosphere. A place that we most want to visit is to the center of schmutzer primate. There we want to see a gorilla. Admission to the center of the Primate Schmutzer is Rp. 5000, applies equally to adults and children. Enclosure for Gorillas is extensive even though Gorillas are visible just a few tails only.

After walking around the center of primate schmutzer Finally you continue our walk to where the captive deer which is located next to the cage the elephant. There we sit around while eating and removing the tired after a day of berjala roads. There we saw lots of deer. When you're done eating and seeing the deer finally we settled on our roads at ragunan Zoo. We hope to be around again to ragunan someday later


Selasa, 29 Mei 2012


One of the places convenient to fill out the holiday weekend is the town of Garut. The town is located between Mount Papandayan, Mount Cikuray Volcano and Thunder, this could be a place to relax for a moment from the bustle of the routine on weekdays. If the street is so friendly, you need only three hours drive from Manila towards Cipanas, Garut. You can enter the toll booth Food and then get out of the toll booth Cileunyi.

Garut including area that has active mountain there are so many hot springs became a tourist object. Hot water baths Cipanas is one of the tourist attractions that attract a lot of interest in various backgrounds, including those from outside Garut. Tour this one has a total area of approximately 9.335 square meters with the configuration of the land is hilly, recreation park, as well as a steep slope included.

Here there are several pools of hot water are large and small with the function of each. A large pool of course a considerable size could spoil adults for swimming and bathing. Several means are available such as the flushing stalls, food vendors like typical dishes of chicken porridge, noodles, chicken and more.

Now the hot water baths in Cipanas, Garut, became a favorite destination for those who want a comfortable atmosphere on a weekend. In addition to experience its hot, mineral content on the source of the hot springs is also beneficial to maintain health. The hot springs in the area of Cipanas this contains a variety of minerals with temperatures between 37-46 degrees Celsius. Natural hot water is believed to be able to stretch the muscles rigid. Not just stretch the muscles of the body, the hot springs also refreshes the mind.