Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

The Meaning Of Perfection

A man who is very handsome and perfect feel that God must have created a woman wrote a very lovely and perfect also for his soul mate. Therefore he went around to find his soul mate. Then he went with expression in the village. He met a farmer who has 3 daughters and everything is very pretty. These men met the father of farmers and said that he wanted one of her son marrying but confused; which one is most perfect.
The farmer's advocate for dating them one by one and the Men agree. The first day he went out with my first child. When he returned home, he said to the father of the father of the first child Farm has one small flaw, namely his left big toe is smaller than my thumb right

The next day he went with child the second home and when he said the second son father also have a disability that actually very smallwhich is somewhat cross-eyed

He ended up with the third child. Once home he happily went to farmers and said, this is what I was looking for. She is absolutely perfect. Then married man with a child is the third Farmer. Nine months later the Wife gave birth. with great vision, the Men witnessed the birth of her first child. When the child was born, he was so shocked and disappointed that his son is very ugly. He met with Mr. farmer and asked why can happen like this child's father Mr. beautiful and my handsome, Why can my child ugly? The farmer replied, He has one little flaw of the invisible. At that time he was already pregnant firs

Sometimes when we search for perfection, which we can then disappointment. But when we are ready with the deficiencies, then everything will feel special.

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