Selasa, 29 Mei 2012


One of the places convenient to fill out the holiday weekend is the town of Garut. The town is located between Mount Papandayan, Mount Cikuray Volcano and Thunder, this could be a place to relax for a moment from the bustle of the routine on weekdays. If the street is so friendly, you need only three hours drive from Manila towards Cipanas, Garut. You can enter the toll booth Food and then get out of the toll booth Cileunyi.

Garut including area that has active mountain there are so many hot springs became a tourist object. Hot water baths Cipanas is one of the tourist attractions that attract a lot of interest in various backgrounds, including those from outside Garut. Tour this one has a total area of approximately 9.335 square meters with the configuration of the land is hilly, recreation park, as well as a steep slope included.

Here there are several pools of hot water are large and small with the function of each. A large pool of course a considerable size could spoil adults for swimming and bathing. Several means are available such as the flushing stalls, food vendors like typical dishes of chicken porridge, noodles, chicken and more.

Now the hot water baths in Cipanas, Garut, became a favorite destination for those who want a comfortable atmosphere on a weekend. In addition to experience its hot, mineral content on the source of the hot springs is also beneficial to maintain health. The hot springs in the area of Cipanas this contains a variety of minerals with temperatures between 37-46 degrees Celsius. Natural hot water is believed to be able to stretch the muscles rigid. Not just stretch the muscles of the body, the hot springs also refreshes the mind.

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