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Hello… introduce my self , my name is LULU UL JANNAH, usually my friends called me LULU, the name is taken from the Arabic meaning “PEARL OF HEAVEN “wooww great name isn't it. I was the first child of four children. as an older brother I have to maintain as well as giving a good example for my sisters. I have two sisters and one brother. The first sister namedNURUL JANNAH name is also taken from the Arabic meaning " THE LIGHT OF HEAVEN”, now he's sitting on the grade two secondary school in Jakarta. the second sister named ZAIDATUL AMANIYAHname is also taken from the Arabic word which means an “ EXTRA DEPOSIT TO MY PARENTS “ , now she sits in fourth grade of elementary school. and the last I have a brother named AHMAD ZEIN, he is still small because it just was born one month ago.

I love my family. We are a very small family who look after each other in harmonywith each other and love each other love. my mother is a house wife and My fatherworked as an entrepreneur, he opened thefood business he sells food typical of madura because we came from madura . did you know food typical of madura ? sate yupss you 're absolutely right . Satay is a typical food from Madura is famous for other than good taste satay also has many health .


I now to college on gunadarma major management , not feels now i ' ve semester end and have to complete a task end on time , i want to college graduate timely and can work to help my parents . my college is centered in depok while my house being in pasarminggu . distance from campus to my home not too far away that not too take to go there besides the way free standstill

i have many friends and sahabat that is something for me , we ' re friends since we first class . we always spend time together to study or to the streets to the mall to shopping . name my friend is wafi , sandra renita and the goddess . we have the temper and characteristic of different instructions ; that we should understand each other and understood one by another.

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